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Oilfield Trash hard hat on sale now.  Regular $120 with shipping.  On sale for the next 4 days for $90 shipping included.  Discounted and available in the store.



Custom airbrush painting on many different items.  All using your design ideas and my creative input .  Custom Hard Hats are our thing but also specialize in:
Custom painted motorcycle helmets
Custom painted motorcycles - tins, fenders, gas tanks, plastics, body work and more.
Custom Hard hats
Welding helmets
Batting helmets- airbrushed baseball helmets and airbrushed softball helmets

 Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics is out and I'm in there.

magazine cover

Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics

Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics

Featured in several Oilfield Publications.:

Permian Shale Bakken and Eagle Ford

 Custom paint on a Harley tank and fairing.

custom flames harley davidson

Kustom dark logo flat black flames harley davidson


Just finished up a motorcycle and helmet for Charles Spencer former Houston Texan Player 2006-2007    

custom painted Lion Hayabusa


custom airbrushed hard hatOilfield Trash Rangers custom airbrushed hard hat


Zimmer DesignZ | Create Your Badge


Featured in several Oilfield Publications:

Permian Shale Bakken and Eagle Ford


We have hard hats now in Canada and Afghanistan.  If you are outside the US and are wearing one of our hard hats, send me your information.  We would like to include you on our page and blog.

Dwayne Felton in Afghanistan
IMG 196581608839005

Mike Osmond outside of the mine site located at Meliadine river outside of Rankin Inlet Nunavut, Canada
Mike Osmond hard hat in Canada

Jeff Hall serving in the millitary in Afghanistan.
Jeff Hall hard hat in Afghanistan



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