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 Custom paint jobs using your ideas and my skill to come up with the perfect theme.  I specialize in hard hats, welding helmets, motorcycle helmets, and motorcycles.  Contact me using our contact page to get quotes on custom work or buy straight from the Store link.  Oilfield work is tedious and long.  Why not stand out from the crowd with your own custom hard hat.  Even more stand out from the crowd when you are home with a custom helmet and motorcycle paint job.  It doesn't matter if it is a Harley Davidson, Metric Cruiser or Sport Bike.  Zimmer DesignZ can meet your needs.

Specializing in hard hats and welding helmets

Stormtrooper custom airbrushed hard hat

Darth Vader themed star wars airbrushed hard hat
Star Wars themed custom hard hat by Zimmer DesignZ

Metal mulisha themed hard hat
Metal Mulisha themed hard hat with skulls

marine hard hat raising of the flag Iwo Jima
Marine hard hat raising of the flag Iwo Jima

 Featured in Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics  

Pinstriping & Kustom GraphicsPinstriping & Kustom Graphics

Also featured in several Oilfield Publications.:

Permian Shale BakkenEagle Ford


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