Zimmer DesignZ work from 2012



Motorcycle racing helmet finished.  CMRA racer Alan Philiips.


CMRA Alan Phillips airbrushed racing helmet

CMRA Alan Phillips airbrushed racing helmet Kool-aid

CMRA Alan Phillips airbrushed racing helmet ZImmer DesignZ



Working on a motorcycle helmet right now.airbrush helmet

Motorcycle helmet CMRA






Just finished up the Incredible Hulk airbrushed shirt.  Big guy gets mailed off today.  Incredible Hulk Airbrushed Shirt






Merry Christmas

I am going to be starting  anew blog to try and keep an update on new projects that are going on a new specials the shop is offering.  Please make sure to check back often to keep up with our discounts and specials.  Remember you can always reach me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any questions.

Most recently completed garage wall that glows under black light.  hoping to have some photos of some baseball helmets that I did to put up in a couple of days.  They were Chsitmas presents for 2 little boys and their Mom promised me some photos of them wearing them.

Black light garage wall


Garage wall under black light


Just finished up a Carhart Jacket for Mr. Lopez of Insulators Local 22 of Houston

Insulators Local 22