custom painted hard hat

  • Custom painted hard hats,welding helmets, motorcycles and more by  Get your custom paint to stand out from the crowd.
    ZimmerDesignZ is custom paint, no stickers.  Your ideas and my skills give you a unique hard hat or welding helmet.  Custom painted with automotive grade paint for gloss and durability.

    Custom painted pancake welding hood Doc Holiday
    Marine Corp custom hard hat
    Custom painted welding helmet with Doc Holiday Painted by ZimmerDesignZ

    cat dozer custom hard hat
    Custom painted catapillar hard hat with with dozer on it
    Custom hard hat green with skulls randomly painted.
    Minion Boss
    Minion Boss pipeliner welding hood

    Copenhagen Pancake welding hood custom painted with your choice of cans/brands
    copenhagen long cut welding hood opt
    Red copenhagen wendy's pancake welding helmet