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Whether you want a custom painted hard hat or a custom hard hat that has been dipped we have you covered.  Stand out from the crowd and get a custom painted hard hat.  A design that says it is you.  You wear the hard hat more than anything else with work.  So why not get custom painted hard hat and stand out form the crowd.

Custom painted portrait hard hats

custom portrait hard hat

Construction themed hard hat with dozer and scraper

catapillar bulldozer maintainer hard hat

American Oilfield hard hat theme by

american flag and derrick hard hat

Custom painted Skulls hard hat

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 Designed Custom hard hat EXPLODING MINION

minion hard hat custom painted opt

Zimmer DesignZ custom painted hard hat.  All airbrush work, no stickers.  Artwork finished off with automotive grade clear coat for protection and shine.  Send me yours ideas and pictures and I will bring them to life on your hard hat.

You can buy some of the more common designs straight from the web store, link in the menu.  For custom orders contact me directly using the contact form in the menu.

Please read the link below about painting hard hats and OHSA.

OHSA, painting hard hats 

Care and use of MSA V-Gard Helmets FAQ  Question sabout painting answered by MSA.   

We use MSA V-Gard helmets. You can find valuable information about them below and at the links below

MSA V-Gard: “The V-Gard helmet was designed with high quality, wear-resistant materials but it WILL NOT last forever. The protective properties of the helmet WILL be degraded by exposure to many common work environments, such as temperature extremes, chemical exposure, sunlight and normal daily wear and tear. MSA recommends the following replacement schedule:

· Suspension—replace after NO MORE THAN 12 months;

· Entire Helmet—replace after NO MORE THAN 5 years

Remember that these are MAXIMUM useful service life guidelines. Wear or damage noticed during a regular inspection MUST be the determining factor for possible earlier replacement. In any case, ALWAYS replace the helmet after it has withstood impact or penetration.”